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StartUp Magazine

4 Startup magazine print editions at your doorstep annually.

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Annual Networking Meetup

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Why EDI Membership?

Entrepreneurship Development Institute membership is filled with amazing services and features that can assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur of Pakistan. EDI is playing an active role to cultivate an entrepreneurial environment nation wide. In the world of entrepreneurship, it’s hard for startups to get the necessary training and skills required to run a professional business in these competitive times. It’s hard to access the network of mentors and successful entrepreneurs that can make a huge difference for the startup to take off. EDI provides the youth and the aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan a proper platform to become future superstar entrepreneurs and help the nation prosper.

The need of the hour is that entrepreneurial environment is required to tackle the social and economic problems in Pakistan. Unemployment can be reduced effectively through entrepreneurial mindsets. Only through entrepreneurship, our youth can easily conquer anything and transform their dreams into reality.

Startup Magazine

Startup Magazine

Pakistan's 1st Entrepreneurship Magazine

The publication aims to celebrate, inspire and teach the aspiring and existing entrepreneurs of our country.
Everything you wanted to know about starting, managing and growing successful small businesses.

  Frequency: Quarterly
  Circulation: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
  Published by: Entreprenership Development Institute

Subscription Price
For EDI Members: FREE
For Non-Members: PKR 1500 PER YEAR
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EDI Events

Hi-Tea with Luqman Ali Afzal

Hi-Tea with Luqman Ali Afzal (Founder, The Monal)

Get a chance to personally network with Mr. Luqman Ali Afzal; the man behind the success of Capital's most prominent place, The Monal Resturant Islamabad.

  Date: Saturday, April 15th 2017
  Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  Venue: EDI, Inductin Floor, NISTE Building, H-8/1, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, Islamabad

Ticket Price
For EDI Members PKR 750/-
For Non-Members PKR 900/-
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EDI Courses & Workshops

Startup Boot Camp

Startup Boot Camp

Startup Boot Camp is not just a business plan workshop, it is a broad platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and their teams to develop and launch their business startups. The weekend program provides a network of mentors & coaches for 2 day training workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and industry connections.

  Date: 14-16 April 2017
  Participants: Startup Founders, Students, Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  Organized by: Entreprenership Development Institute

Enrollment Fee
For EDI Members: PKR 4250 /-
For Non-Members: PKR 4900 /-
Boot Camp Website

How To Be A Corporate Superstar

How To Be A Corporate Superstar

Learn highly productive soft skills by the wizard of personal development, Mr. Noshad Khalid Minhas. Learn the secrets of self discipline, self motivation, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and much, much more.

  Date: 22 July 2017
  Participants: Startup Founders, Universities Students, Corporate Employees & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  Organized by: Entreprenership Development Institute

Workshop Fee
For EDI Members: PKR 1300 /-
For Non-Members: PKR 1499 /-
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Startup Boot Camp

How To Secure Online Business - 3rd Freelancing Workshop

This one day workshop is designed to help you learn the art of effectively securing online businesses and starting your own freelance work. Join the immensly talented Hisham Sarwar, as he will step by step guide you about the opportunities in the world of freelancing.

  Date: 29 July 2017
  Participants: Freelancers, University students, Self Employed
  Organized by: Entreprenership Development Institute

Enrollment Fee
For EDI Members: PKR 1050 /-
For Non-Members: PKR 1299 /-
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Annual Networking Meetup

Join the largest gathering of entrepreneurs, educators, innovators and national leaders in Pakistan. The meetup provides a platform to the members to come together and network with seasoned entrepreneurs.

  Date: 25th November, 2017
  Time: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  Venue: EDI-Inductin Auditorium, NISTE Building, H-8/1, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Road, Islamabad

Ticket Price
For EDI Members FREE
For Non-Members PKR 2000/-
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  EDI Mug
  LCL Videos Coverage in a USB in HD

Discounts Available on Local Brands

  • Inductin
  • Papasalis
  • Pizza-Originale
  • Capital Delights
  • Classic Cafe
  • MJs

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Entrepreneurship creates new jobs, innovative businesses, creative ways to deliver basic services and provides an optimistic way of seeing the world. It’s the spark of prosperity. It helps citizens to stand up for their rights and push back against corruption. Entrepreneurship offers a positive alternative to the ideologies of violence and division when young people don’t see a future for themselves. Entrepreneurship brings down barriers between communities, cultures and builds bridges that help us to take on the common challenges together.